Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday's Worthy Links

Friday, I love you.  I've been on a serious get-myself-in-gear mode with trying to eat better and work out more (I even signed myself up for Equinox- did you guys know they use Kiehls products in their locker rooms?  Fancy stuff) and I'm tired of being regimented this week.  I'm ready to celebrate "National Drink Wine Day" well in to the weekend.  Who's with me?

-Loved this Monocycle podcast by Leandra Medine about confidence.  She brings up the interesting relationship between confidence and vulnerability and how we can build confidence through difficult decisions that may pull us back a few steps. Definitely worth the 13 minute listen.

-I'm not Catholic, but every day I seem to love Pope Francis more and more.  While praying at the border in Mexico yesterday, he of course was asked about his thoughts on Donald Trump.  Here was his response.  

-All my friends know I'm having a serious GIF moment and Riffsy is my new favorite app.  It adds GIFS to your texting keyboard.  Isn't it interesting how we can communicate feelings/thoughts so much easier through imagery?  I'm having a blast with it.

-My best friend and I booked a vacay to Jamaica yesterday, and I want everything from this store, as well as one of these off-the-shoulder bikinis.  

-Who loves cute pictures of dogs? These photos from the 2016 Westminster Dog Show will brighten your morning!

-A great way to look at things, and this is just too good.

Happy Friday!!



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