Monday, June 27, 2016

Designer Crush: Christopher Maya

I first began following Christopher Maya's work when Architectural Digest published his design of J. Christopher Burch's South Hampton getaway back in 2013.  Maya's design feels perfect for a Hamptons abode- cheery and tailored, yet effortless:

I love the palette of red, white, and blue in the living and dining area.  Christopher added fine details- like the red tape-trimmed edge on the stools that corresponds with the tablecloth, and the bullion fringe on the bottom of the swivel chair, that give the space a special, intentional feel.

The dining table sits atop a Merida sisal rug and is flanked by vintage rattan chairs:

The master bedroom continues the red, white, and blue color scheme.  I love that Maya added a Moroccan wedding blanket to the end of the bed- it feels cheeky and fun!  

A seating area at the opposite end of the bedroom features pink velvet occasional chairs and a sky blue lacquer wall color. 

I love the paneling details added to Christopher's master bath as well as the black scroll lining the floor tiles:

Maya deviates from the red + white + blue palette in the guest bedroom with a fun chinoiserie-upholstered headboard and bed frame and curtains with an orange leading edge. 

Then, earlier this year, Cottages & Gardens published an 8,000 square-foot Georgian home Maya helped renovate and decorate in Connecticut:

Maya worked with architect Mac Patterson 

Maya and Patterson worked together to preserve and lighten the pine panelling in the home's library, which exudes warmth and charm:

The master bath features built-in water basin sinks featuring a beautiful grey marble stone:

I love that Christopher embraces bold color in his spaces and pairs together unexpected hues:

See more of Christopher Maya's elegant work here.

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