Monday, June 6, 2016

Goofing Off

After writing a post about how I've increased my productivity, I feel like a bit of a sham!  Zero workouts occurred and zero blog updates were posted last week.  Le fail.  Even so, I had a very busy week and all I can do is start fresh today!  A Soul Cycle class is booked and I got inspired this weekend after a few fun events, so lots of interesting content is coming your way this week. 

Last Memorial Day weekend I spent Saturday-Monday with my family in Oklahoma, and then I flew directly to Charleston to do a few work-related things there.   When I wasn't working, I was lounging by the pool (see above and below for the gorgeousness, which might've been featured on the cover of Garden & Gun last fall).

and also doing my usual routine of walking up and down the charming downtown streets snapping photos of cute window boxes, stoops, and stores:

I stopped in to a few of my favorite Charleston shops, including Lola & Bess:

This past weekend, I was back in NYC.  Saturday I went to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic with a few girlfriends.  Their Rosé Garden was gorgeous!

I wish I understood the rules of polo.  All I knew was that Nacho Figueras was the star (and not too bad to look at), and the match was played in Liberty State Park, so the views there weren't bad either. 

American Express had a GIF-creator in the Rosé Garden but unfortunately I thought we were taking 4 separate photos.  That's why I barely move around at all in each image.  Oops!  Gabby, Lauren and Grace had it down, though:

This was one of my favorite shots taken during the day.  The archway was constructed of roses and, clearly, led to the Rosé Garden. But I love that the beautiful NY skyline can be seen in the background:

Cheers to a great week ahead for everyone!



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