Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A 259-Sq Ft Brooklyn Apartment by Nick Olsen

I am regularly inspired by the ingenuity and imagination of New York City apartment dwellers.  It is no small feat to move in to an apartment that's under 300 sq ft and turn it in to something you can be proud of while also making it livable and functional.  I definitely experienced the initial shock of realizing all the clothing I brought to New York needed to fit inside a 36"W x 24"D closet, and the rest of my belongings needed to find a space in my 100 sq. ft room.  Yikes!  Thankfully, I've learned to pare down this year and everything is fitting in to place nicely, but there's still work to do.  I love studying studio apartments that have been expertly designed in order to glean an idea or two.  This 259 square-ft Brooklyn studio apartment was designed by Nick Olsen and features a mix of high and low pieces for an eclectic, layered look:

I love that Nick chose a Mexican sarape to reupholster the Louis XVI fauteuil- it's so unexpected and brings in fun splashes of color that served as the color scheme for the rest of the apartment.

The slipcovered sofa was found on eBay, while the cheap coffee table was updated with a fresh slab of carrara marble. The large scaled artwork above the sofa is by photographer Rebecca Phillips. Swing arm sconces with matte black shades frame the sofa. Below, a Victor Vasarely print is propped up on nesting tables, which can be pulled out and utilized for cocktail parties and dinners.

The green piping detail on the slipcovered sofa is mimicked in the kitchen cabinetry and doors, which feature an inset trim painted green meant to resemble raised panels.

Since table top space is lacking and there's no room to properly frame and display photos, displaying them in rows on the refrigerator helps to bring in a personal touch. 

The hues of bright green and purple continue in to the bedroom, where 2 chinoiserie red chests flank an Ikea bed.  The headboard was created by Olsen himself, and is covered in Schumacher's Hong Kong. I love the soft, frilly edges of the curtains. 

Olsen also spruced up a chest he found at a flea market by creating a bright chevron pattern with Rustoleum paint:

For a purple side chair, Olsen made a pillow out of Clarence House's Jaguar Velour Soie:

I love that Olsen utilized both expensive, luxurious fabrics and accessories with thrift store finds, eBay, and Ikea.  The result feels cozy, chic, and personal with just the right amount of luxury suitable for a tiny apartment. 

Read the full story here.



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