Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Designer Crush: Ashe + Leandro

Design firm Ashe + Leandro is one to watch.  Co-founders Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro are a dynamic duo who have created cheery interiors for the likes of Seth Meyers and Coldplay's Jonny Buckland.   While they have a very similar design aesthetic, their backgrounds couldn't be more different.  Ashe studied at NYU's Tisch School of Arts and started her career interning for Saturday Night Live as a set designerwhile Leandro hails from Venezuela and studied architecture at Columbia.  Eventually Ashe ventured in to interior design, and the two met while working together at Pierce Allen.  They soon began brainstorming the idea of opening a firm of their own, and in 2007 they did.  Ashe + Leandro have already built a very strong portfolio, and most recently were featured in Architectural Digest for designing Naomi Watt's stunning Tribeca apartment:

That master bath is to die for.  You can see the rest of the photos and view the complete story here.

A few more lustworthy interiors from the Ashe + Leandro portfolio...

Sometimes I feel that working with a co-designer/co-owner strengthens your eye and helps to create a more well-planned and well-executed space.  I've definitely seen that first hand working with Jesse and Mara

Happy Tuesday!

{photos via Ashe + Leandro}


  1. Gorgeous is what comes to mind.

  2. so nice pics :0_)))

    i invite to me too



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