Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday's Worthy Links

Happy Friday my dears!  I am so excited to be heading to the airport this afternoon to fly to Austin, TX and see my dear friend Katy.  We plan to spend the whole weekend boating, swimming, and gorging on lobster and oysters at Perlas.  I am in desperate need of BFF time and it won't hurt to spend it in a city I love on the water, fighting those 100+ degree temperatures.

A few worthy links from around the web this week...

-Rick Steves shared his opinion on traveling to Istanbul after this week's airport attacks.  I really loved what the travel guru had to say.

-A few fun area rugs for less than $500- see links below, as well!

-As an avid basketball player in my early years, I was sad to learn that Pat Summitt passed away earlier this week from complications from early onset dementia.  Pat coached the Tennessee women's basketball team for 38 years and won the most Division I games of any college basketball coach... ever.  She also won a gold medal as head coach of the US women's team at the '84 Olympics.  You go girl.  Loved this photo and quote from her.

-Loved Bradley's latest Punch List.  

-I really want these sandals (only $59) for my trip this weekend and these tassel earrings ($34).  And is there a more versatile weekend bag than this, at only $69!?

-All my friends have been making fun of me because I am in the midst of a serious OJ Simpson obsession.  I was too young to remember seeing the Bronco car chase firsthand, but I do remember my mom watching Oprah when the final verdict was being read aloud.  It wasn't until FX released their "OJ vs. The People" series that I officially became hooked.  There are so many interesting details and factors that went in to this particular case that I was unaware of.  As Joanna mentions on her blog- "Was it just a sensationalized murder case, or a much bigger and symbolic event in American history?"  After finishing the FX series, I read this book, this book, and am about to read this book.  I also just began watching ESPN's new 5-part documentary on The Juice, and it is mesmerizing.  

-A girl recreated Beyonce's Formation dance for Prom. Her date looks thrillleeeed to sit through the entire performance. 

-Camille Styles shares the ultimate 4th of July spread on her blog, featuring, of course, hot dogs!

Happy Weekending, everyone!  Enjoy your 4th!

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