Monday, August 22, 2016

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Neck Scarves

Chokers are back in a big way.    My 2001-self is pretty damn excited, as this was one trend I couldn't get enough of growing up.  I can hardly find a picture of myself in my 6th-9th grade years where I'm not sporting a choker of some sort.  This past weekend, I re-watched one of my favorite documentaries about the life and work of Iris Apfel, called Iris.  It really is true what Mrs. Apfel emphasizes at various points throughout the movie-  everything comes back in style again, and you can't go forward without having an appreciation and understanding of the past.  Although I am envisioning your typical black choker, I want to first discuss a chic alternative to the choker that is also very much on trend- a neck scarf:

Worn closely around your neck, a cute silk neck scarf can add a pop of pattern or color to a pared down ensemble for the perfect pulled-together mix.  It feels very Parisian chic to me. Wrap it a few times and close with a bow, or simply let both ends of the scarf hang loosely, the neck scarf feels like the new "statement necklace" to me:

A more laid-back alternative to the silk scarf is a bandana.  I've seen this more and more on girls walking around New York.  At first I was skeptical-  it felt a little unnatural to me, like maybe these fashionistas forgot to take off their cowgirl costume.  But it's grown on me, the same way jellies did back in third grade (another trend we should think about bringing back, no?):

Lastly, my favorite alternative of all to the typical black choker- a choker neck tie.  It can be wrapped once or twice and tied in a bow at the base of your neck, or left to dangle down like a drop necklace: 

Here are a few other neck scarves and chokers I love:



  1. so amazing!! ;-)))

    i invite to me too

  2. Yes, exactly on point, gorgeous !!!
    Hoping you are well, having a great life, have tons of friends and are divinely happy !! xx's

  3. I love the look - effortless and chic! Happy Tuesday!


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