Monday, August 15, 2016

The View Through My Lens: 29

I'm still very much in the honeymoon phase when it comes to my relationship with New York.  I feel a bit starstruck still-  I'm stopping and pinching myself on a somewhat regular basis.  The opportunities that arise here and the people you meet never cease to amaze.  I'm also very much in a phase in my life where I'm open to new experiences.  My new favorite response is, "yes!"  Want to tag along on a weekend in the Hamptons?  "yes!"  Ok, but are you okay with sleeping on an air mattress?  "yes!"  Want to check out the new Parish museum?  "yes!"  Want to go on a girls trip to Tulum?  "yes!".  Can you work late to take on an extra project? "yes!"  I know the popular phrase these days (at least when it comes to business opportunities and overworking yourself) is to "just say no," but I find "yes" to be more of my vibe lately.  The other funny thing about New York is the opportunities that come up.  I'm constantly finding myself in situations where I'm pinching myself.  "I definitely don't belong here but I'm happy to be here" is a common thought running through my mind.  Case in point:  I got invited last Friday to tag along with a few friends for an intimate dinner in the Hamptons to celebrate summer with Vestiaire Collective.   The event was hosted by Athena Calderone of Eye-Swoon in her gorgeous Amagansett backyard: 

The dinner was absolutely beautiful and one of the most special nights I've had while living here in New York.  And the weekend was just starting!  Amy, Gabby and I stayed at Baron's Cove in Sag Harbor Friday and Saturday evening and it was dreamy:

Saturday we went to Gurneys in Montauk to eat lunch and check out the beach scene.  I've never seen a more happening beach front in the Hamptons:


I'm kicking myself because I didn't take any photos Saturday evening when we ate dinner at one of my favorite spots in the world, Crow's Nest.   Located in Montauk, Crow's Nest is a hotel and restaurant on the water and the ambiance there cannot be beat.  If you ever get a chance to travel this way, this place is my #1 hotel OR dinner restaurant recommendation.   The food is divine and the atmosphere is effortless yet chic.  Picture an indoor/outdoor low-lit rustic seating area with twinkling lights strung above.  I have yet to eat here and not see at least 1 celebrity- (Kristie Brinkley, Bethenny Frankel, Alec Baldwin to name a few) but no one bothers them, of course.  The rest of the weekend we spent hanging by the pool at our hotel after a coffee run to Sag Town Coffee, and then shopping at a few of our favorite Hamptons stores- Jayson Home's pop up in Sag Harbor,  Love Adorned, The Line, L'Objet, and Monc XII, where I photographed this kitchen:

If you visit New York (or the Hamptons for that matter), a trip to The Line is a must.  In New York, the home goods and furniture store is set up like an actual milt-floor apartment. In the Hamptons, it's set up like a cool one-bedroom home with a massive closet:

I've always been a fan of Club Monaco, but the Hamptons Club Monacos are on steroids.  The store walls are lined with chic mirrors and juju hats (everything is available for purchase)as well as racks of clothes and handbags, like this straw beach bag:

I was so sad to leave last night and head back to the city.  I feel like this was probably my last Hamptons trip of the summer, and it's been a great season.  Please summer,  don't end.


What say you? I'm all ears.

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