Monday, September 19, 2016

My 5 Favorite Leather Sofas

Leather sofas across the board often get a bad wrap, but I don't think they should!  A well-made leather sofa can bring instant character and charm to a space, and is definitely worth the investment.  A good metaphor for the kind of leather sofa you want to invest in is a confident, sexy man.    He isn't trying too hard, he isn't flashy-  he's clearly comfortable in his own skin and attracts others innately:

A BAD leather sofa is like Pauly from the Jersey Shore.  Desperate for attention, too shiny and glitzy, trying to be something it's not, and before you know it, that couch is falling apart and you've got buyer's remorse:

So how do you avoid buying a "Pauly" leather sofa? 

1.) Buy a leather sofa that doesn't have a ton of shine.  Obviously investing in a vintage sofa will help with this as it will have patinaed over time. But if you can't afford to buy vintage, there's still hope!  Room & Board, West Elm, CB2, and Anthropologie all have sofas that come in leather options that feel a bit softer.  Most of these stores will provide you with swatches to view the leather options before purchasing.

2.)  Look for tighter upholstery and timeless shapes.    Whether you lean towards a more traditional sofa shape or clean, contemporary lines, make sure the overall bones of the sofa feel natural and beautiful.  

3.) When in doubt, buy a chesterfield-

It's classic, beautiful, and there are always several options on the market- like this, this, and this

A few more examples of leather sofas done right:

I'm also having a moment with what I'm calling "saddle bag" sofas- where the upholstery wraps around the sides in the shape of a saddle bag (see second sofa below).    I love the shape and Danish legs, too.   Here are 5 of my favorite leather sofas right now:

From top:

1.) Standard Sofa by Michael Felix
2.) Anthropologie Premium Leather Rhys Sofa
3.) Anthropologie Premium Leather Mina Sofa
4.) West Elm Origami Leather Sofa
5.) ABC Home Chester Leather Sofa

That last ABC Home sofa makes my mouth water.  The leather is delicious, the upholstery is done well, the shape is cool and inviting.  Which one is your favorite?

And lastly, PLEASE someone buy this.  Charming AF. 

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