Monday, October 10, 2016

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Painted Contrast Trim

I believe paying attention to the smaller details in a room can often elevate a space from interesting to exceptional.  Case in point:  Painting window frames, crown molding, and base boards in a contrast color to the rest of the walls can add a tailored effect and also highlight architectural details.   I love to see a contrast paint color on a window trim- it frames the view and is a cool decorative element.  The Moda Operandi offices feature window casings painted in a mauve purple that stands out against the softer white walls and ceiling:

This simple detail adds so much interest to their space by breaking up the white walls and blinds with a bold hue.   The color choice also feels very on-brand with Moda Operandi.
Here is a more subtle contrast trim- extending the gray paint from the planked ceiling to the crown moulding and on to the door frames:

Although softer colors are nice, I love when a designer isn't afraid to make a bold color choice when selecting a trim paint.  Designer Natalie Clayman did a bright pink in this young girl's room, and I appreciate that she carried the color to the mantle top:

And same with Bailey McCarthy's TV room from her old Austin home- the coral paint is a bold statement against the powder blue walls:

A dark contrast trim is also lovely and helpful for breaking up a wall finish and a ceiling finish.  It creates a clear division and allows one to appreciate both the wallpaper and the ceiling finish:

Leave it to Miles Redd to sneak in his signature red (well, I suppose it's a more pinkish red) in Oscar PR Girl's guest bedroom.  Black moldings and window casings tailor the look and work well with the other black accents- like the bed's contrast welt and bedding:

Happy Monday and Columbus Day to all!


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