Monday, November 14, 2016

Gift Guide: For Your Best Friend

What a few days it's been.  Sorry for the radio silence last week, I just couldn't bring myself to blog.  I could've shared my feelings on the election outcome, but what could I possibly say that hasn't already been said?  I could've chosen to post something related to fashion or design, but that would've felt insensitive/inauthentic.  I guess at this point I'm still processing everything and trying to make sense of what exactly has happened here in our nation.  I'm hoping peace and clarity will come soon.  Anyway, I mentioned last week that'd I'd be posting a holiday gift guide each Monday until Christmas, so today I did want to keep that promise and share some great gift ideas for your best girlfriends:

Shop this Post:

Silk Slippers in Aquamarine $45/Tory Burch Harper Mini Wallet $135/The Coveteur Book $35/Kate Spade Leopard iPhone 7 Case $30/3-Wick Marbleized Candle $50/Silk-Filled Eye Mask in Arctic Blue $19/Tassel Earrings in Orchid $54/The Fashion Insiders' Guide to New York $24/"What Would Beyonce Do?" Nameplate $32.50/"Hot Stuff" Mug $14.50/

Wishing all of you a great deal of peace, empathy, and kindness this week.



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