Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday's Worthy Links- 12.9.16

Happy Friday!  Did this week go by so slowly for anyone else?  After having my parents in town last week/weekend for my birthday, I'm looking forward to a {somewhat} casual weekend.  I'm going to a friend's company Christmas party on Saturday, but there's no way I'll look as chic as Jackie-O, circa 1959:

-Speaking of Jackie-O, I'm dying to see her new movie with Natalie Portman (my fave!).  I tried to go last week, but it was sold out!  We saw The Arrival with Amy Adams instead and I was pleasantly surprised.  It's a really interesting story. -IMDB

-The Baby I Lost, the Person I'm Finding- So inspired by Leandra's openness about her fertility journey. - The Man Repeller

-I've always been frustrated by the undertones of sexual assault in one of the most classic Christmas songs (Baby, It's Cold Outside), so I loved this 2016 rewrite.  And speaking of Christmas, this is my kind of Advent calendar - Salon; Mashable

-If you ever have a bad day, 3 minutes of scrolling through this Instagram account will solve that. 

-My friend and I are going to Miami after the New Year and I've heard great things about this hotel.   I love the rooftop pool.  We also have plans to eat at this restaurant.  Any other Miami recs? -La Dolce Vita

-If you're needing a new good book (or two), I was hooked on Maria Semple's latest book and almost finished it during a 3-hour flight (she was the author of Where'd You Go, Bernadette?). Now I'm on to a collection of essays, written by the lead writer on the Amy Schumer Show.  It's another hilarious and endearing must-read. -Amazon

-Let this SNL skit be a lesson to you- if you regift a candle, be sure it's either a Nest, a Diptyque, or a Cire Trudon. ;) -SNL

-Only Ted Cruz could ruin QUESO for me. -Daily Mail

-I'm having a moment with sassy needlepoint pillows.  This guy is currently on my bed, but I'm also loving this, this, and this.

Happy Weekend, everyone!



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