Monday, April 17, 2017

3 Things I'm Here For

This past weekend I was home visiting my family in Oklahoma, and Sunday morning I drove  my mom's car to get a latte.  She had her radio set to the Sports Animal and because I couldn't figure out how to change the damn channel to Alt Nation, I finally relented and listened to what they were discussing (Russell Westbrook of course).  One of the guest speakers was discussing everything "he wasn't here for", including people arguing Westbrook wasn't as efficient of a player as other MVP candidates.  The conversation reminded me of one of my favorite YouTube personalities, KrissyChula, and a video she made about 5 things she "isn't here for."  I think it's funny and interesting to hear what situations and little things in life can make people tick, and thought I'd do a post on my own personal "3 things I'm not here for."  But the more I thought about it, I felt like everything was pretty inconsequential and that it would be more effective to turn it in to 3 things I AM here for.  Like white queso and Mexican martinis... because I am DEFINITELY here for that.

3 things I'm here for...

1.) Doing work I'm proud of and that makes me happy to get up each day.

{a photo of my Houston bar cart from Style Me Pretty}

Design isn't so much a job or career to me as it is a full-blown passion.  If I wasn't making money as a decorator, I'd still be spending all my free time scouring design books, design blogs, and design magazines.  I'd still be schlepping lampshades and throw pillows from the Upper East Side Housing Works back to my apartment and rearranging them 50,000 times.  The idea of retiring doesn't even really appeal to me.  Because if I retired, I'd still just want to design stuff.  It's in my blood, and I should've seen it from the get-go when I was rearranging my room every few months at the age of 7 and going with my mom to estate sales most weekends.  Nonetheless, I'm thankful for my job even more because it took me a bit of time (and another degree) to get to this place.  SO... if you have a side hustle or a small passion in your heart, and you really love the idea of doing it full-time but are scared to take that first step- just know I've been there.  It's a scary (but exciting) place to be, and I really believe life is too short to not be excited about what you're doing for a living.  Don't stay somewhere just for the steady paycheck and benefits package.

2.)  Being around inspiring people

Last week I was sitting on a rooftop with one of my closest New York friends drinking rose and enjoying the city skyline.  Even though this particular person has been in my life for about 4 years, I was learning some very interesting things I hadn't known about her before.  Life always surprises me because you never know when you will have one of those inspiring, deep conversations with someone- but this was one of those moments, and I left feeling even more proud and thankful to call her a close friend. As everyone knows, true friendship is hard to come by.  There is so much surface-level stuff you have to break through before you can really determine who someone is at their core.  

Earlier this year I parted ways with someone I considered to be a best friend, and the experience honestly broke my heart.  She wasn't completely to blame, I wasn't completely to blame, and in the end it was just one of those sad things where we had grown apart and there wasn't much common ground left.  But the lost friendship made me realize how important it is to hold dear friends in your life close and to consistently surround yourself with people who inspire you, build you up, and want to be there for both the good and the ugly.

{definitely here for my niece Lily- this photo was taken this past weekend in OKC... love her so much!}

3.)  Seeking out the best in everything

2017 has already felt like such a clarifying year for me on a personal level.  I don't know what has happened to me in the last 4 months, but I just can't stand mediocrity.  In all honesty, I think living in New York after awhile does this to a person.   First off, the city is full of such immense diversity, so rich with opportunity and culture, and so full of people who really want to make something of their life that it invariably raises the expectation bar.   I can't tell you how many times I've eaten at a new place in the city and honestly felt it was the best meal I've ever tasted. And you could eat at these types of places for the rest of your life and never try them all!  I don't normally "love" to workout, but the quality of the Soul Cycle classes and instructors in New York are on an entirely different level.  There have often been times where I'll tear up in the middle of a ride because I'm so touched by an instructor's ideas and encouragement.  One particular piece of encouragement that comes to mind came from Sam Y.- "whatever you need in this moment, be it for yourself.  If you need strength, be strong for yourself.  If you need patience, be patient with yourself.  If you need hope, remind yourself of the many successes from your past."  It actually reminded me of this article (which also made me tear up). 

 So what does all this mean to me?  Something has to be amazing these days for me to do it, seek it, read it, listen to it, watch it, or go after it.   I feel so grateful to have finally reached a phase in my life where I genuinely feel really at peace and happy with my life just exactly as it is today.  So, I guess I'm less concerned than I have been in the past with seeking out someone else's approval.  Call it a "no bullshit" phase, I guess.  This mostly shows itself in dating I think.  I can only date men I respect, am fascinated by, and consider interesting (and to be fair, there are a lot of these kinds of men in New York).

What are you guys here for/not here for?  Tell me via Twitter - @peakoftreschic!



P.S- If you need a new good book to read, I haven't been able to put down this one.

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