Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Gearing Up

Happy Hump Day!  Last week I experienced my first New York sample sale and it reminded me of one of my favorite Sex and the City episodes. Carrie gets held up at gunpoint for her Manolo Blahniks and attempts to reason with the gunman-  "Please sir, they're my favorite pair... and I got them half-price at a sample sale!"  I had no idea what I was stepping in to when I visited the Bandier sample sale on Fifth Avenue & 29th Street last Friday, but I now understand the hype.  First, you are ushered inside and immediately must check your bag and coat.  Keep in mind, it was 40 degree weather and I had my workout tank on underneath my puffer jacket.  I shivered as I joined the masses scouring rack after rack of covetable athleisure at 80% off the marked price.  I will say, it was well worth the chaos.  I scored this bra and this bra (love the phrase), these shorts, and this tank as well as a pair of yoga pants all for $140 total.  

{Not me, I wish!  Sjana Earp posing in Bandier}

In truth, I've never been one to shell out a bunch of cash on workout clothes, and if it weren't for the insanely marked down prices, I probably would never have purchased anything.  But, I'm trying to get back in to a regular workout routine and cute clothes seem to make barre class a tiny bit more appealing.  I've been doing a mix of Soul Cycle & Pure Barre about 4 times a week to gear up for the summer and for a big birthday I have next fall (3-0! )  Bandier definitely is a higher-end athleisure brand,  but I also love Nordstrom and Target for more reasonable prices:

Cross-Back Bra $65/Namaste Beaches Tank $42/Ameilia Two-Way Crop Top $60/Nike "Modern Tempo" Embossed Shorts $40/Snakeskin Union Tights $110/Target High-Waisted Tights $14.99/Nike Free Run Running Shoes $100/

I discovered that sample sale dressing rooms are like your morning commute on the subway- everyone is an equal participant in a less-than-ideal arrangement and there is zero privacy.  The "dressing room" was one large space curtained off from the rest of the sale with mirrors along one wall.  All of us women were huddled in to the space undressing in front of one another, giving each other cheerful compliments.  "Girl, that looks amazing on you!!"  "Here, do you need help with that zipper?"  

It was definitely a quintessential New York experience!

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