Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sam Loves: 23

Happy Summer!  With yesterday marking the first day of my favorite season,  I thought it was the perfect time to discuss what's on my "love list" going in to July: A classic, lightweight handbag that will certainly age well, a home that is delicious down to the last drop, and easy, breezy style:

Sam Loves: 23:

1.)  Where I'd rather be today..../

2.) The "it" bag of the year:  Gucci Soho Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag, $980/

3.) A quote that's making me a little misty eyed...

4.) Inside a Designer's High-Style, Kid-Friendly Manhattan Home (and don't forget to visit her store)!

5.) Olivia Palermo looking chic in a white tee, white skirt, and polarized sunnies/

6.)  J. Crew Bow Top with embroidered Trim is the perfect mix of effortless and feminine- $42/

7.) Dreaming of a Paris vacay with a mandatory stop at Holiday Cafe.  Who wants to join me?/

8.) Mystique Fringe Slide Sandals, $158/

9.) I added Out East to my coffee table book collection this week, and next up I want to order Kate Schelter's new book:  Classic Style: Hand it Down, Dress it Up, Wear it Out-  $25/

Have a great Thursday, everyone!



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