Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sam Loves: 24

This week I've been at the beach with my family and it's been just lovely.  We're in Seaside, Florida where The Truman Show was filmed and I completely understand why they chose this location:  it's absolutely dreamy.  We rented a beach house this week to celebrate my mom and dad's birthdays and we've all been going back and forth between the house's pool and the beach nearby.  Last night we made a low country shrimp boil on the back porch and today we're going out to a restaurant for dinner in 30A.  It's been so nice to get out of the concrete jungle for the week and enjoy the slow pace of vacation.  Because of vacation vibes, I'm drawn to soft summer hues like sky blue and sea green this week and a mix of textures that only beach life can inspire:

Sam Loves: 24 (From top to bottom, left to right):

Sundrop Earrings, $49.95/

Idyllic seating arrangement designed by Summer Thorton Design, featured on Circa Lighting's website.

Jenny Wolf's newly renovated Cobble Hill townhouse is perfect down to the last drop.  The guest bedroom features bedding by Leontine Linens and Farrow & Ball's Oval Room Blue on the walls./

20" x 26" Retro Mod Small Navy II Art Piece, $149/

Catalina Lace Up Dress, $170/

Urban Electric Harford Light Fixture hanging in a stunning kitchen, both designed by Steven Gambrel/

Kayu Coco Bag, $160/

Set of 10 Gold Greek Key Goblets, $275/

Happy Thursday!




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