Monday, August 7, 2017

5 Woven Handbags Under $50

I'm all about joining in on a seasonal trend, but not at an exorbitant cost. That's why today I rounded up some of my favorite woven basket bags, all under $50! With the majority of August still in front of us, and if you're very lucky, a warm September too, I think now is still a great time to invest in one of these bags.

1.) Urban Outfitters Roseanne Straw Bucket Bag, $49

2.) Etsy Round Straw Basket Bag, $49

3.) Zara Raffia Bucket Bag, $19.99

4.) En Shalla Basket Bag, $47.50 (and a more neutral option that's just a bit over $50!):

5.) Round Wicker Basket with Double Leather Handle, $41:

6.) Ahava Small Handwoven Straw Bag, $40:

BONUS:  My favorite is this vintage beauty originally from Bali, for just a bit more ($78):
...And, a cute tote that could also conveniently be used as a basket in your home, $35:


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  2. That Round Straw Basket Bag is so cute! Thank you for sharing! A straw hat will complete every summer look :D
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