Thursday, September 7, 2017

Current Mood

Happy September!  I always have mixed feelings this month because as much as I love the weather cooling off and football season starting, I'm always sad to see the summer go.  This one is no exception- I had an amazing time celebrating my last summer as a 20-something.   Only 3 months til my big 3-0!  Is it weird that I'm kind of enjoying getting older?  I feel like I get wiser and more comfortable with myself as the years pass by.  Anyway- with the season changing, my current mood can best be described as reluctantly optimistic.  I'm drawn towards warm, rich jewel tones and luxurious textures right now- no more jarring bright hues.  Here are a few things on my fall moodboard...

Chic fall Outfit Idea #1: A tweed dress with a suede Chloe bag and stud sandals...

Loving this Hudson Valley guest house living room that's dripping with charm:

Chic fall outfit idea #2:  Black cami + black jacket + black sunniesgold bar necklace:

Loving the burnt orange sofa and mix of art in this room designed by Nickey Kehoe:

Chic Fall Outfit Idea #3: Chunky knitted sweater (another optionjeans, and a Chloe bag...

Alexa Hampton's bedroom in her Manhattan apartment is dreamy.  The purple walls are so good:

This quote from design crush's instagram:

A sassy bar design by Courtney Giles Decker:

Can't put down this book:

Chic Fall Outfit Idea #4: Jewel-heeled booties (or pearl-heeled booties) + leather pants:

Happy Fall!



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  1. Burnt orange !!! Love love love it. Happy 30! It will be the BEST time of your life. We are growing wiser with experience, more tolerant and have much more freedom to express our own feelings about everything. Stay true to yourself and do not ever change !!! Sending love, my darling Sam.....


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