Friday, September 15, 2017

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As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m finally coming down from the craziness of the summer and getting settled in to my new place in the Upper East Side.  With all of my summer travel, I never got a chance to share 2 decorating stories that were published in August about my first NYC apartment.  I moved to NY in the summer of 2015 and was connected with two girls who were looking for a third roommate.  The rent was (relatively) inexpensive for New York living, I’d have my own bathroom (a big deal when sharing an apartment in the city) and I’d be able to walk to work.  It was a no-brainer!  I loved living with both girls for 2 years, but eventually the lack of space began driving me crazy and I wanted to have my own place.  However, I honestly had a blast creating a fun bedroom and bath design over the 2 years.   When I moved in, the bedroom had no overhead light and the bathroom was terrifying- which makes for a fun before and after situation.  You can read a post I wrote this summer with details about the design and “before and after” photos here.

"This Apartment Makeover Proves That Rentals Don't Have to be Boring"

"How to Make Your Teeny Tiny Apartment Feel a Million Times Bigger":

It's so gratifying to see the finished photos and to share the design process in these stories.  When you move to New York everyone tells you, "yes New York apartments are tiny, but you're never home anyway!" I've found this to be true, but when I was home I would've gone crazy if I didn't love every square inch of my space.  My new apartment is a studio but it is alllll mine and has a huge sunny window and I can’t wait to share the design decisions I make along the way.  While it’s typically my priority to allocate funds towards décor before anything else “fun”, I’ve decided instead to plan some trips for 2018.  Therefore, the design on my new place will be a much slower process.  Nevertheless, I do hope you’ll follow along and share your thoughts with me. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!



A huge thank you goes out to my good friend Victoria of Victoria Marie PR, a stellar publicist who helped me refine my story and pitched it out to the right editors.  You’re a gem, Vic!

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