Thursday, October 26, 2017

Inexpensive Art Sources

I get asked by a lot of friends and aquaintances about inexpensive art sources.  Art is a tricky decor element, because not only do you want to find pieces that work within your overall scheme- but you also want to invest in pieces that speak to you personally.  It's hard to know why I might be drawn to a particular painting, but someone else might hate or even feel indifferent towards the same piece.  We all have individual internal biases that cause us to react differently to art.  That's why when you're in the market for new art, it's worth your time to look through several sources and choose the pieces that you love the absolute most.  Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite sources for relatively inexpensive artwork and photography.  I also shared a few pieces I love from each - but be sure to scour through each site's collection to find what you love.

1.) Chairish:

1971 Abstract Silkscreen Attributed to Peter Stroud, $475:

"Fluid Wind" Original Painting, $450:

"Purple Rain" Original Abstract, $97:

I also love objectry used as wall art.  It adds interest and dimensionality:

Maroon Geometric Plateau Basket, $60:

2.) Minted - they also have an exclusive collection with West Elm here.  Minted is a tried and true source for me- I always start my art search here, because they make it so easy.  They offer about 6 different frame style options when purchasing, which makes the dreaded framing step seamless.

"Depth" , Minted for West Elm, $199:

Pink Cacti, Minted for West Elm, $229:

3.) Uprise Art - I love that they have a whole section of art under $800.  This site always introduces me to new artists whom I end up following for their latest offerings.  In addition to paintings and photography, they also sell sculpture and mixed media (dying for this piece).

Wash 3 by Britt Bass Turner, $725:

"Converging Shadows" by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey$725:

"Fleuron" by Erik Bathels, $245:

"High Hoop" by Erik Barthels, $180:

4.) 20 x 200  - A great source for affordable art and photography, with the option to frame any piece you purchase.  Most of the pieces are available in multiple sizes, which is nice.

Every Outdoor Basketball Court in New York, Jenny Odell, $60-1,200:
Old Phone by Todd McLellan, $60-1,200:

Praia Piquinia by Christian Chaize, $60+:

Other Worthy Art Source Mentions:

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  1. You should check out Jenny's Print Shop! It's $20 for a digital file and then you own it to print in any size and frame or just hang, etc. I also love Jenny Komenda in general :)


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