Monday, March 19, 2018

Scribner's Catskill Lodge Getaway

I had a week last week that made me wonder, "how is Mercury not in retrograde?"  The week culminated on Friday when I managed to slice open two fingers trying to open an Amazon package, and found myself in the emergency room getting six stitches.  Le sigh- there's never a dull moment!  Thankfully, I was able to escape to Scribner's Lodge in the Catskills this past weekend to decompress and relax with my girl GabbyMadewell x Parachute hosted the weekend, properly pitched as "The Coziest Weekend Ever", and it was lovely.  We meditated, we did yoga, we knitted, we drank lots of negronis by the fire, we roasted marshmellows.  It felt a little like being back at girl's summer camp, but in a much more plush atmosphere.  If you get the chance, I highly recommend checking out Scribner's.  As I noted on my instagram post, the vibe is very 70s Abercrombie chic.  While the lodge itself has existed since 1966, things got a hell-of-a-lot more chic in the fall of 2016, when Scribner's got a facelift by the fab Studio Tack:

Here's what was on my packing list:

From top to bottom, left to right:
Donegal Kent Beanie $19.99/Indio Sunglasses $55/Madewell x Vans Unisex Sneakers $70/Maroon Blanket Scarf $19/Fleece Jogger Pants $44/ThermoBall North Face Puffer $199/Merino Travel Kit $169/Georgina Snow Boots, $160/

Hope everyone has a good week- I'm counting down the days til I can get these damn stitches out! :)



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