Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Jennifer Lawerence in Red Sparrow

Although Red Sparrow has been on my "to-watch list" for some time, I didn't get around to seeing it until I was on a flight back from Austin to NY last weekend.  The movie stars Jennifer Lawerence as Dominika, a Russian ballerina who suffers an injury and then must find an alternative source of income for her family.  Her uncle sends her to "Sparrow School," where she learns to work as a government spy, often requiring her to use her body to manipulate and seduce her targets.  Many of the scenes are extremely hard to watch, and I can't say I was captivated by the story- but what I was captivated by was Lawerence's wardrobe in the film.  I already have a rather massive girl crush on J Law (it started with this role, I think), and the costumes her character wears throughout the film were just perfect.  My favorites were the all-black ensembles.

Exhibit A:

Making an entrance in a 20s-era black silk gown paired with black mary jane pumps.

Black dress, only $99:

Parker Monarch Gown, $594:

Carolina Constas Maris Lace Panel Gown (love this one too), $795:

Gucci Mary Jane Pumps, $695:

Exhibit B:

Wrapped up in a black suede coat and cashmere scarf.

Slick Wool-Blend Wrap Coat, $267.30:

J. Crew Belted Wrap Coat, $145:

Rebecca Minkoff Black Scarf, $58:

Nordstrom Cashmere-Lined Touchscreen Leather Gloves, $99:

Exhibit C:

A racy cut-out one-piece.

The swimsuit she is donning here is the Noir Split One Piece, $232:

Alternatives to love...

Becca Crochet One-Piece, $124:

Cami NYC Luka Ruched One Piece, $58.50:

Exhibit D:

A chic beret and trench coat pairing.

Black Beret, $17:

And a cute option in white, $25:

The timeless Burberry trench, $790:

Or, a less expensive option from BB Dakota:

Last note:  Dominika's platinum blonde in the film is my dream hair hue:

The costume designer for Red Sparrow was Trish Sommerville, who has worked on The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and is clearly well-versed on dressing strong female characters.  You can read more about her inspiration for the clothing in Red Sparrow here.

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