Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Chic Shop Alert: La Double J

Do you suddenly feel like you're in the magical technicolor world of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory? Are you thinking you might've accidently downed some of grandma's "special pills?"  Are you beginning to question whether or not you're on the set of Austin Powers?  Well then, my guess is you've probably just encountered the happy chaos that encompasses Italian brand La DoubleJ:

This sort of brand could only exist if it were being run by a creative genius - and it is.  JJ Martin (street-style star, journalist, and contributing editor at Harper's Bazaar) launched La DoubleJ in 2015, originally as a platform to sell her vintage clothing.  The site quickly took off and Martin now works with top Italian textile house Montero to produce clothing donning vintage prints from their archives. The brand has recently stepped in to the realm of housewares and furniture, too.  Here are a few pieces that caught my eye...

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Apres Midi Skirt, $490/

One piece swimsuit, $285/

Hand Pochette, $150/

Soup and Dinner Plates, $110/each/

Rossa in Acrylic Stone Necklace, $330/

Bellini Dress, $995/

Kaleidoscope Napkin Set, 6 for $110/

Yes I knowwww the pieces are insanely expensive.  Yes I knowwww many of these outfits are over the top.  But in a world of restraint, neutrals galore and overhyped minimalism, I'm finding their lack of restraint pretty damn refreshing.  See more here and here.

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