Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Layers Galore

Temperatures have officially dipped into the frigid 70s here in Houston land, which means it's now socially acceptable to pull out my winter boots!!  Nevermind that the day time temperatures are still hitting high 80s and I still lay out by the pool after work.  It's officially fall (or so my calendar says).  Today I'm sporting gray high heeled boots from Zara, that I bought while studying abroad at Oxford, circa summer 2008.  I wore them with a shorter blue dress and an Anthropologie cropped jacket.  While I love my outfit today, I'm not loving much else.  It was budget time at work and my eyes were glued all day to the computer screen.  I even had to work through lunch and skip my workout, and I certainly needed those endorphins today. 

Needless to say, I was feeling uninspired and needed a mid-day recharge.  These unique outfits perked me up in no time!  Below are some of my favorite seasonal transition looks- when the weather is being somewhat bipolar, and you can never predict if you will be too hot or too cold, the best approach is to aim for a layered look.  

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I like to take a scarf/shawl with me during the late summer and early fall anytime I go out in the evening.  I tend to be cold-natured, and you never know when you might get chilly.  My go-to scarf is by Burberry.  I often wear it wrapped loosely around my neck as the model is doing below, but it is also big enough to double as a wrap over my shoulders.  

Light cashmere scarfs and wraps can be worn with summery looks to transition your summer pieces into fall:

Another great transitional look is layering a camel trench vest or jacket over your fall outfit.  Camel is the perfect color for fall because it goes with all this seasons looks- color blocking, leopard prints, tailored high-waisted suits, etc.  Not to mention, it's classic!  Has the Burberry trench coat ever gone out of style?  I think not!

via the Glitter Guide

via J Crew

A chunky sweater is another sexy way to layer.  Be sure if you wear an oversized sweater to balance it out with skinny jeans or a form-fitting skirt and killer shoes!

After giving my mind a break and refreshing with gorgeous fall ensembles, I felt reenergized and ready to take on the rest of my day.  

What are your favorite transitional looks?


  1. adore all of these outfits!! Fall truly is my favorite time of year to dress as there are so many ways to mix pieces of your wardrobe.



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