Friday, November 18, 2011

Monogrammed Madness

Ever since the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw donned her nameplate Carrie necklace I have secretly longed for something similar... 

While I think it would be fun to have Samantha spelled out on a gold necklace, I really am lusting after the monogram version.  (What is it this season with me and monograms?)
Here, Blair from Atlantic-Pacific sports hers, ever so elegantly-

I have excitedly found multiple jewelers that carry them...but these 3 designs are my favorite-

Pinned Image
West Avenue Medium Lace Monogram via Max & Chloe

Sarah Chloe Delicate Script Monogram Necklace via Sarah Chloe

Another great monogram necklace
Ginette-ny Medium Lace Monogram Necklace via Charm & Chain 

Oh, how I love jewels.  To me, accessorizing is everything...

Pinned Image

Want to see more pretty little things? See all my favorite beautiful baubles here.

Happy Friday!

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