Thursday, December 29, 2011

Color Block Decor

Color blocking quite literally (or not so much literally) exploded this past fall.  The idea here is to where a bold color mix with no concern of necessarily matching or pulling the colors together with any rhyme or reason.  For example: Purple skinny jeans, a sea foam green tee, and patent pink heels.  Here are some of my favorite, most fashionable examples of a good color block.

Although color blocking fashion is somewhat "old news", my mind began to visualize a color-blocked interior decor scheme.  Would it look good?  Would it be a fast and fading trend, as color block fashion seems to be?  What would happen if I color blocked my house?  Would I get excommunicated and sent off to the loony bin? I had to investigate this one.

Color blocked interiors- can it work long-term or will it be over before the season finale of Parks & Rec?  I think I could get away with it with no one questioning my sanity, don't you?  Unless, I took it to this extreme...

... at which case I am sure I'd have the authorities called on me.   Decorate on, my loves!

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