Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Gift Guide for the Glamourista

I have officially joined the "gift guide" bandwagon.  I know there have been multiple gift guide posts from other bloggers, and this isn't my attempt to steal their thunder.  In fact, I have squealed with delight at some of the amazing finds these ladies post about- oh, the joys of internet and blogging.  Now,  I realize that we have 60-ish hours until Christmas day and your online gift-buying window is rapidly closing.  So rather than be a functional gift guide, this is more of an indulgence gift guide.   Ok, fine, I admit it.  This is my personal gift guide.  I am allowing myself to live in dream land for the afternoon since many of these items are way out of a healthy price range.   I know many ladies out there who share my taste, and I couldn't help but share my favorite finds for you all.  
1. 1000 Dessous- A History of Lingerie. I saw this book in Juicy Couture off Madison Avenue and fell in love.  I love pretty little underthings and thought this would be a fun book to keep  on your dresser.
2. Canon EOS Digital Rebel.  The perfect camera for the beginner photographer to use while snapping those outfit posts!
4. Sophia Blanc de Blancs Champagne in mini cans.  Why?  Because I like to indulge in a little pink champy before bedtime and I shouldn't have to open a whole bottle to get some!  Oh, and because they would be perfect for New Year's Eve...
6.  Williams Sonoma gold zebra rug- because every glamourista should have one in her room!
7.  Telephone print from Art By Lola- She's pretty much my favorite artist on Etsy!  Aren't her prints divine?

What's your favorite item on my list?  Is this your taste or not so much?


  1. that glitter j.crew iphone case is PERFECT!

  2. Love your list!! Right up my alley;) I have the JCrew case and it is awesome! I love the idea of pink champagne mini's! Perfect for NYE! And I am dying over the rug!

  3. Ok, this is right up my alley! I absolutely looove all items in your gift guide and now want them ;)
    Merry Christmas!!!

  4. I'm lusting after the exact same camera! Great picks!

  5. Ok, every single thing on your list is just WOW!
    especially the canon camera ( this is what I asked
    for christmas this year haha)
    great taste and blog <3
    You Know You Love Fashion
    Virginie Savage

  6. that phone case is so me! great selection!

  7. i got a camera on my wishlist too... haha!!!

  8. Love the beautiful Art by Lola print! So many great artists on Etsy. Great picks, I would be happy with any of these-love that glitter Iphone case also!

  9. I think I really need that zebra rug! AMAZING!

  10. this is definitely my taste. That rug!


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