Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Heavenly White

Lately I have been using fashion to influence my interior designing, and using pretty home interiors to inspire outfits!  I am sensing a new post series coming upon me..... 
Today I wanted to share how a photo I came across conjured up all kinds of decor ideas for the bedroom.  
{Photo via The Gamourai}

This photo has a celestial, almost heavenly feel to it.  The models are wearing neutrals, and give off almost a very real glow.  There is a simplicity and grace, but also a feminine glamour appeal. 

Don't these bedrooms give off such an ethereal, serene feel?  So different from my usual design palette, but beautiful nonetheless!


  1. in love with all of this interior! definitely my style. xo

  2. gorgeous inspiration! I cannot get enough white myself! xx

  3. very serene! my favorite color is white and all of these pics are calling me in. beautiful!

  4. Such lovely places. All of the rooms are so crisp and clean.

  5. These mirrors are amazing!!!

  6. What a beautiful inspiration -- and these rooms are breathtaking!

  7. I love these clean white bedrooms! Especially the second to last one because it is gorgeous and clean yet still approachable.


What say you? I'm all ears.

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