Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Looking Forward To Spring: A Pastel Palette

Looking forward to spring, today I am featuring a favorite spring 2012 runway trend - Pastels!!!  Designers gave this spring season a sense of airiness with a range of pastel tones. Before you start envisioning Easter eggs, stick with me here.  I promise you can make this trend chic and pull it off fabulously.  We'll start with the runway inspiration...

Runway Inspiration

{Versus Runway, via Vogue}

{DVF Runway, Image via Glitter Guide}
A pastel-inspired wardrobe works whether you are lounging around on a lazy Sunday or attending a black tie affair.  Here are a few of my favorite evening wear and casual pastel looks.

Celebrity Inspiration 

{Emma Stone via Teen Vogue}

{Rachel Bilson showing off her pastels... Image via The Examiner}

 I was quite shocked to see so many soft pastels on the runway, especially on NYC runways, where edginess and experimental fashion abound.  But just as sorbet is a cleanser to the palette, I felt that the softer hues debuting for spring cleansed my fashion palette.

{Image Source Unknown- Can Anyone Help?}

Lastly, here are my picks for Spring 2012 Pastels...

{To see all links to items displayed above, click here.}

What are your favorite Spring 2012 looks?  Do you like pastels, or do you opt for edgier choices?


  1. Obsessed with all these images of pastel! Gorg picks!

  2. Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by TCB today! So glad to see you! I'm loving the Philip Lim runway pastels. Great color blocking.

  3. I love lavender on redheads! Great picks :) I just wanted to thank you for your support of Design Darling — your comments never fail to make my day! xx

  4. Ohh, loving the pastels! So feminine, soft, and pretty. Great inspiration here!

  5. Love pastels, in major love with the bikini ;)

  6. GORGEOUS post, pastels are my absolute fave! I can't wait til spring!

  7. I'm not quite ready for spring...but this is getting me pretty excited!!


  8. Pastels are my favorite! they are so innocent. Pastel pink and lavender are my favs. I am in love with that Elie Sabb gown Mila Kunis wore


  9. great post! I'm a fan of anyone who chooses to wear something besides black. don't get me wrong, black is fine, but not all the time!

  10. Love the pastels! I'm so excited for this! Seriously mint and sherbert are my faves! Great post :) xo Lisa

  11. I can't wait to try the trend this spring. You have such amazing inspirations here -- and in my mind, DVF can do no wrong!

  12. The DVF images are blowing my mind! So gorgeous!

  13. Hi Sam,
    How are you?

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I certainly love designing boxes.

    I can't wait til spring :)


  14. loving these sherbet hues! ps i just added you to my blogroll! love your sense of style xoxo

  15. I absolutely adore pastel colors!! They're so charming and sweet and remind me of macarons! I can't wait for spring and warmer weather to burst out lighter colors as well! But for now I think i will stick to darker hues and jewel tones to brighten up the winter!!



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