Monday, December 12, 2011

My Humble Abode

As with most things in my life, much of my decor project inspiration comes upon me at unexpected times in unexpected places.  Case in point:  My bedroom curtains.  I am standing in line at Central Market, picking up a few groceries, when I notice the glossy cover of Interiors + Design magazine.  

I can't help but drool over the curtains in this dining room- the iridescent fabric, the long pleats and the way they bunch at the bottom.  It's so classic and adds such a fun touch of color and texture to the dining room pictured.  It adds such drama, too!  I knew instantly I wanted to create this look in my bedroom for the doors out to my patio.

Isn't the color fun? Oh, me likey.  I am lucky to live alone, which means I get to decorate my bedroom as girly and as fun as I please!  

Other fun shots from my girly room...

Can you tell I love my coffee table books and frames? 

Speaking of beds.... can I go back to bed now?
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