Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Morning Inspiration~ From Fashion Truffles

Happy Monday, dears!  It's ticking closer and closer to Christmas, and as the special time approaches I am becoming more and more excited.  I hope you are, too!  Today's Monday Morning Inspiration comes from Viv over at Fashion Truffles.  Her style is phenomenal, and I always enjoy checking out the latest on her blog.  Viv, take it away...

Hi! Viv here from Fashion Truffles! I was so honored when Sam invited me over to her side of the blogosphere to participate in her fab Monday Morning Inspiration series. Mondays can be a drag as we may all know. However, they can also represent the beginning of a new week full of new opportunities, new beginnings, and new experiences. 

Monday Morning Motto

Who doesn't want to make every day amazing?! I'm a firm believer in starting the week on a positive note - on the right foot, if you will - and that will make your whole week amazing.

Work hard for the Money

Who doesn't want a closet full of fabulous shoes and Hermes bags AND a beautiful home?! I know I do!

Work Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

I dream of traveling to exotic places, lounging on a beautiful beach, shopping with my lady friends, and snuggling with my hubby. These are things that get me through the week, no matter how hard or stressful it may be.

Thanks Sam for having me over today! And don't forget to stop by Fashion Truffles for daily fashion and style inspiration! xx
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