Tuesday, December 20, 2011


This past Sunday was a beautiful day for me as I opened my mailbox and found the January issue of Vogue patiently waiting for me.  One of my favorite designers, Marc Jacobs, was featured, and I couldn't wait to hear what this fashion genius had to say for the future of the fashion world.  I greatly admire Mr. Jacobs.  He has faced a great deal of adversity in his fashion career.  He is often accused of being too commercial and unauthentic, jumping from trend to trend without much thought, and has dealt rather publicly with tumultuous relationships and addictions.   Nonetheless, he has risen to fashion stardom.  Oh, how I love an underdog.  His tenure at Louis Vuitton began in 1997, and since then he has never failed to thrill me (and many other women worldwide) with each collection.  RTW Spring 2012 was no exception.

{Image via here}

Everything from this runway show stayed in tune with what I posted about last week- the idea of lightness, prettiness, and gentleness manifested through dainty pastels and strong shapes.  In fact, the models all began on a carousel and go off one by one to walk the runway!  If that isn't dreamlike, I don't know what is.

               {Both images above via Fashion Gone Rogue}

The most ironic part of a runway clad with sugary selections is it's complete irreverence for America's financial position.   Although we are heading for a double dip recession,  the runways would have us think naught.  No hard lines, ominous colors or minimalism in sight this time- quite contrary to what was seen on runways as America faced the recession that began in late 2008.  I chalk it up to a season of optimism.  What is really being conveyed here is, "We've been through this before, we'll make it through again.  And who says we can't dress happily in the meantime?"

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