Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tribal Influence

In the midst of a season where blacks and browns are coveted, sun is nowhere to be seen, and skin is covered, one must get creative with expressing one's style.  Let's be honest... on these dreary winter mornings most of us would love to slip in to our over-sized sweater, throw on our leggings, tuck them in to some Uggs, and be done with the closet anxiety.  But fashionistas, we must be bold! How, you say?  

Enter: the tribal necklace.  Reminiscent of vacations in Fiji, Morocco, St. Barth, and the like.... decorating your neck with a tribal statement necklace brings a little sun in your step.  


  1. Great post! You just described me in my "mommy" outfit! Instead of leggings I wear yoga pants, and sweater and Uggs. I must up my mommy fashion style! Hard though when you have a 5 month old! I am loving the necklace Olivia P is wearing!!! Gorge!!!

  2. Loving these bold necklaces! Perfect statement piece to spice up an outfit!

  3. great necklaces! i like OP's one!

  4. Love the 3rd necklace!!!! <3
    nice blog dear, what about to follow each other?

  5. Honestly, I'm not sure if I could pull off something like that. But it sure looks great on certain people!

  6. Oooh I am loving Olivia's gold necklace! Great post:-)

  7. oh my gosh....SUCH amazing pieces! I especially love the 2nd to the last one!

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  8. Gorgeous finds! And you're so right -- we have to fight the urge to throw on boring, comfy stuff in the winter. Thanks for the fantastic inspiration!

  9. Hi...!!! I'm Elisa..! I love yout very wonderful and pretty..!!1

    Follow each other??

    Kiss Kiss

  10. Hey Sam, those are all magnificent pieces, I love them so much, each girl should have at least one statement necklace!:) Thank u for your lovely comment, I must to say I really love your pretty blog!!:) kisses and hugs
    Jelena (
    p.s. One more day 'till the end of TeenyB Bikini Couture giveaway on my blog!!


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