Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Style Icon: Sienna Miller

Ever since Sienna Miller starred in the film Factory Girl, I have been utterly obsessed with her style.  Factory Girl, for those who haven't seen it (you must!), portrays Sienna as Edie Sedgwick, the famous muse of Andy Warhol in the late 60s.  Edie Sedgwick is a free-spirit who dropped out of college in the late 60s to become the next Holly Golightly in NYC.  A chance encounter with Andy Warhol leads to a startling rise on the New York scene for Edie.  With a sultry bob and statement earrings, a carefree attitude and a strong spirit, Sedgwick manages to enchant nearly every man she comes across.  

I found Miller to be the perfect actress to play Sedgwick.  It seems their personalities are quite similar.  Miller has always struck me as a bohemian in style and spirit-never too put together or predictable.  In fact, that's why I love her style.   She isn't afraid to make fashion mistakes and doesn't seem too concerned with the latest trends.  She seems to have an innate taste that always manifests so beautifully.
Sienna once said, "I'm really not good at dressing up or being glamorous."  Perhaps that's why I find her so intriguing- she's not your typical beauty queen and doesn't seem to wear all designer labels.  She appears to put relatively no thought in to her outfits, yet always makes a fashionable statement.  A past winner of the prestigious Elle Style Award for Style Icon, here are some of my favorite Sienna fashion moments:

Sienna's effortless fashion sense transitions nicely from the streets of London to movie premiers to the red carpet.  Although I adore her quirky boho style, some of her red-carpet moments took my breath away.


Sienna Miller's ever-evolving style can teach us all a lesson:  In fashion, you cannot take yourself too seriously or be afraid to make fashion mistakes.  Making mistakes is how we learn to define and refine our personal style. Whether rocking boots and jeans or a red Valentino gown, Sienna reminds us confidence and a carefree spirit really can make an outfit.


  1. Love her....she has one of the best styles out there...plus, she is blessed with natural beauty...not fair! ;)

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  2. Love that she has a style all her own.

  3. i don't know much about her besides her being with Jude Law at one point, but yeah, the girl has style, even if it isn't super glamorous.

  4. I like her style, and she's so pretty!
    Your blog is so cute, dear!
    Would you like to follow each other? <3

  5. She's so effortlessly chic!


  6. Love! That outfit with pink pants...makes me want pink pants. Ha.

    Courtney Lane

  7. She's always one of my favorites because she's always so natural in whatever she's in. Great all encompassing post!

  8. I too, love Sienna's style!

    Ps...I'm a new follower :)

  9. She is gorgeous! Chic-crush for sure:-)

  10. Love Sienna, she's the epitome of boho-chic ;)

  11. She really does have that effortlessly chic style. And she wears things that I am like "I could do that". Such a natural beaut...great inspiration!

  12. Hi Sam,
    Just wanted to say hi, and we appreciate your comments! S. Miller is so classy in every outfit...wouldn't you love to dress up for the red carpet like that? I would.

  13. I've never paid much attention to her, but wow! her style is impeccable
    so lovely

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  14. I love Sienna Miller's style! So unique and she gets it right every time!

  15. I love this girl, she is so effortless chic. I really liked her with Jude too, are they still an item?

  16. Love Sienna Miller, she is one of my top 5 style icons! So my style!

  17. This post makes me so happy because sienna miller is my favorite style icon ever! I'm not lying when I say if I have a daughter I want to name her Sienna! Her style is impeccable not to mention she is gorgeous!

  18. I loved Factory Girl. She was so good. Her stile is pretty rad too. She's pulls it all off.

  19. One of my icons, most definitely! Love her style

  20. She makes it look so effortless! Errgh, we cant help but love you Sienna! :)


  21. I love Sienna Miller's style, she has a great eye for cool combinations and she never seems too put together - love that.

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