Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Zhushing Neutral

Anyone who has studied fung sui knows how important our surroundings are to our mental health.  We need to feel comfortable in our homes.  Surrounding yourself with beautiful things you love will allow you to feel happy walking in to your door each night, knowing that whatever you may have experienced during the day, all is now well.

Making your interiors fit your style is a process.  Don't get frustrated that everything isn't perfect or completely in place.  Don't fret if you can't afford big fancy furniture.  All that matters is that your home expresses you and your family.  Today I am sharing 2 great ways to add life in a room of neutral interiors.  I realize that most people don't feel comfortable buying bold-colored furniture.  Typically individuals buy the "safer" options, going with a color palette of browns, grays, blacks and whites.  I completely understand the rationale behind this train of thought.  But how can we add an element of intrigue to a neutral space?  First, through patterned or colored accessories, like pillows or table lamps.

Another great way to add a little pizzazz to a natural color palette is through combining different materials to add texture.  For example, these white iron chairs juxtaposed against wood panel walls and floor and a rich brown upholstered couch add such an unexpected intrigue to the room.

Painted brick mantle wall + sleek modern chair with metal arms + wood floors 

Lucite table + brown wicker chairs + wood floors + traditional light fixture


Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

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