Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Touch of Pink

Pink is such a fun, girly color, isn't it?  I love how it can pack a punch when displayed in a bolder hue, or add a softer touch with a lighter shade.  For decorators who prefer to stick with neutral tones, I often recommend adding an arrangement of bright pink peonies to add the perfect pop of color.  Here are a few perfect examples that show what a statement a touch of pink can truly make.

The bold pink hues add such a flirty energy to the rooms shown above.  But what about a lighter shade?  Afraid you may end up feeling trapped inside Barbie's dream house?  This faux pas can easily be avoided by adding touches of light pink into a room that incorporates other colors, preferably neutrals.  

Not really your Barbie dream house or grandmother's kitchen, now is it?  Unless, of course, your Barbie and granny happened to be super stylish. ;)
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