Monday, January 16, 2012

Wedding Ideas too Cute Not to Share

First things first- I am SO not the girl that has thought about her wedding day since infancy.  It just isn't me!  Or so I thought... Then this thing called Pinterest was created and my little heart started fluttering every time I saw a pretty wedding gown or flower arrangement.  At first I fought the urge to create a "Wedding" pin board.  Then, I gave in and 139 pins and 584 followers later, here we are.  I have found quite a few creative ideas for wedding ceremonies, and wanted to share them with my readers.

1.) At the reception, put a photo of the bride and groom at the age of the table number in the center of the table.  So for table 1, put a picture of the bride and groom at age 1, and so on....

{Wedding Bee}

2.) Make a Mad-Lib out of wedding RSVP cards

3.) Do a role reversal photo- bridesmaids act like groomsmen, groomsmen act like bridesmaids!

4.) Keep champagne cool by serving it in individual bottles on ice

5.) Keep champagne plentiful and flowing by replacing a water cooler with champagne

6.) Wear your Veil during a Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot

I am still not sure how I feel about the idea of a bridal boudoir photoshoot, but if I were to do one I'd definitely want to keep it tasteful.  I love the idea of using a long veil as the bride does here- oh so classy!

7.) Have guests sit wherever they choose at the ceremony.

Such a cute way to integrate 2 new families!

8.)  Have bridesmaids wear a softer colored dress with bold heels for a pop of color

9.) Wear a faux wedding gown to the rehearsal dinner

10.) Provide milk and cookies for the children to have at the champagne toast

11.) Hang a "Mr." and "Mrs." sign on the back of the groom and bride's chair at the reception or rehearsal dinner.

Aren't these ideas so fabulous?  Have you found any fun ideas for your wedding on Pinterest? I salute the brides that planned beautiful weddings before the inception of this site!  You all are truly the creative ones! 

To see my entire Wedding pin board, click here


  1. Gorgeous inspiration, loving number 4 & 9! Those pink bows in the last image are gorgeous too!:)

  2. Love them all.


  3. Love, Love , Love all of these ideas! #3 & #5 are halarious! Following you on pinterest now!

  4. oh my goooooosh...I'm LUSTING OVER EVERYTHING!!! amazing!!!


  5. Love those milk glasses with the cookies on top ;) so sweet!

  6. THese are seriousily some of the best ideas, ever. Sending this post over to Natalie! She's gonna love it!

  7. I'm obsessed with that short wedding dress - LOVE it. slash I really want it for my rehearsal dinner!

  8. Beautyfull post !!

    Follow each other ?


  9. Oh my goodness I love this. And as someone who is getting married at the end of the year I think I'm going to need to save this post for ideas later!!

  10. Oh wow! Love the champagne water cooler. Great photos!!

  11. If only they had pinterest when I got married! Such amazing ideas!!

  12. These are all such great ideas. Love the mini champagne bottles on ice. The boudoir photo is a great idea you can possibly gift to the husband on an anniversary.

  13. yeah, it's hard not to plan on wedding with all these inspiring images floating around, haha! i like the role reversal photos - too funny!

  14. Your pins are all incredible! Being an August 2011 bride... I am quite upset that Pinterest didn't exist even those five short months ago ;) The faux wedding gown is absolutely stunning!!

  15. I got married even before digital photography! There are so many things I would do over! Love that RSVP mad lib card. Brilliant!

  16. wow.
    very nice blog!!

  17. That sign about not having to pick sides is so fun, and the lace dress?!? Fabulous!! Janell

  18. There is nothing more fun than wedding planning and these ideas are fabulous. Love the cookies and milk for the children or for a late night snack for the guests!!

  19. Sam,
    So many adorable ideas...and Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas! Love the photos of the groom/bride at each table, at the age they were then. Also, how cute to have milk in champagne glasses and cookies for little ones to toast the couple.

    This makes me want to plan a 2nd wedding!!!
    Have a wonderful day!

    xo Elizabeth

  20. #5 is amaze balls in any situation #6 is such a good idea. I didn't do it bc I didn't like the way my body looked at that age (27 and no kids-I was crazy not to walk around naked). #10 is such a cute idea!!!

  21. ahh these are so great! i'm sort of doing #9, with a tibi lace dress! xo

  22. yayyy! these are so so cute and fun! some day...

  23. Oh my word. Thank you for sharing this! I absolutely love the idea of role reversal for pictures - those pictures are hilarious! I also never dreamed about my wedding when I was younger. It wasn't until a year or two ago probably that I started thinking about it and then Pinterest came along and bam! I'm now obsessed. So many great ideas here!

  24. Looking at wedding photos is so addicting. Love your inspiration!

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  29. I wore my mom's veil. It was lace trimmed and my dress was plain so it worked perfectly!

    Chinese culture lovers

  30. Hi Sam,
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  32. I must also take this moment to say that I DID like all of the dresses tried on, but this particular purchase involved more than sensibility and logic. It involved YEARS of girlie imagining, fashion perusing and the heart of "Uptown Red Head!"

    impressive wedding day

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