Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Accessorizing a Princess

It's no secret around here that I love The Coveteur.  Something about the mystery of seeing little snapshots of a person's closet rather than the whole room really intrigues me.  You can really get an idea of who the person is from the kinds of items that are featured and the decor that surrounds the items.   Today I am featuring all things pink, sparkly, fluffy, ruffly, lacy, and fit for a princess... taken from the archives of The Coveteur.  Let's start with these killer Chanel pumps and pink retro phone featured in Celine Kaplan's home

Emily Current, an LA-based stylist who works in collaboration with Meritt Elliot as MAUDE, has a beautiful laced mini dress hanging over the infamous For Like Ever print.

Annabel Tollman, British stylist and journalist, displays her beautiful vintage watch collection.

Yes, that's a real albino peacock, sporting a Kate Spade necklace.  None other than Deborah Lloyd, President and Creative Director of Kate Spade, would allow this to happen.

Sarah Riff, director of entertainment relations at Jimmy Choo, features these sparkly flats on her pink suede headboard.  Ohhhhh how I love.

Cher Coulter, co-founder of Jewelmint, has the perfect purse for a princess- a fluffy white Chanel!

Nicky Hilton goes girly with a pink Chanel bag and Gucci dress.

Meritt Elliott is a stylist in LA. and has styled both Mary Kate Olsen and Reese Witherspoon.  How gorgeous are the collection of candles and crystal candlesticks in her LA home?

Charlotte Ronson, NY based designer, shows off an elegant vintage gown gifted to her by her mother.

Dee Dee Taylor Eustance is an interior designer and architect in Toronto.  I can't decide whether her Moschino pink jacket or her French-style couch is more lovely.

How pretty is Dee Dee's vintage slip?

Aren't these accessories divine?  I wish I could be a princess!  Maybe I am trying to be one in my own way, as I naturally gravitate towards all things shiny, sparkly, pink, fluffy............
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