Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration: Well-Styled Powder Rooms

I love a beautiful powder room.  Don't you?  Although the space is typically very minimal, there are endless options for styling it well.

A powder room is a great area to wallpaper.  Bold patterned wallpaper adds drama and compensates for a lack of furniture or space.  Plus, you won't tire of the wallpaper since the powder room is rarely used, except by guests.

Another way to add style to a guest bathroom is to decorate it as you would any other room- add a throw rug, hang a piece of art, or even add a fun ottoman!

Finally, add a little touch of style to your powder bath by adding fresh cut flowers and bathroom essentials in pretty jars.


How do you style your powder room?  What's inspiring you this Monday morning?  
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