Thursday, May 3, 2012

Backyard Bliss

Living in a sorority house, various apartments and townhomes for the past 7 years has given me a serious craving for my own yard.  I love to lay by the pool, read in a hammock, and garden, and it would be a dream to have my own backyard to do all of these things!  With the sunny spring weather surrounding me, I had an urge to share pretty backyard pools and gardens today.


I love pretty cabana and pool houses, too!  I think I would be perfectly okay with this pool house being my regular house.  No complaints from me! ;)

The beautiful landscaping and natural stone surrounding this pool give it the feeling that it's an oasis inside a forest.  I love that!

And for a beach house, what better pool would there be than one right next to the ocean?  We are dreaming big here. This pool would be perfect to lounge in at sunset or to throw a beach party.  Or really, for ANY occassion!

An infinity pool in a forest?!  Can you imagine the serenity?

Which one is your favorite?  I honestly can't pick just one!
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