Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sponsored Post: Littlewoods

This post was provided by Littlewoods, a UK-based catalog and online retail shop.  They sell a wide-range of products, including clothing and furniture.  Today's post addresses one of my favorite topics- efficient organization in your bedroom! Enjoy.

The best bedroom storage solutions

Are you having difficulty finding a place for everything in the house? It’s amazing that no matter how often you have a clear out, you still can’t get your drawers shut. And even though your cupboards and drawers are bursting at the seams, you never seem to be able to find the one thing that you’re looking for.

Storage solutions are important in any house. You always see couples on house hunting programmes, talking about not having enough storage. At the time, you may think they’re bonkers for turning down a beautiful house, just because there’s not enough wardrobe space. But storage options are a major concern when you’re looking for a new home. And you don’t know how much stuff they actually have. Their current life could involve wading knee-deep through excess laundry, as they simply don’t have anywhere to put it!
It's In Our Genes

Most of us have an inbuilt genetic desire for some semblance of order. As we accumulate things through life – and it does happen, even if you’re trying not to – you need distinct and separate places to put them. Cutlery goes in a draw in the kitchen, and shampoo lives on the side of the bath. Having a place for everything just feels comforting. Even animals do it – it’s called nesting.

So, having an adequately-sized chest of drawers in the bedroom for all your clothes gives you peace of mind. With a place for everything – and everything in its place – you’ll be able to relax, and avoid a last-minute panic as you search around for a pair of tights when you’re already late for work.

Design statement

As well as its practical function, bedroom furniture also gives you the chance to stamp your individuality and flair for design onto a room. Choosing furniture that is in keeping with the room will look stylish. It will help you to create a comfortable environment that you enjoy – and you can’t ask for more than that.

Is it time you upgraded your bedroom furniture? Have a look at your drawers now. If they don’t all shut with a gentle push, it might be time to make the step up.

Thanks for posting, Littlewoods!  To see more of their furniture and decor, be sure to visit their website.
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  1. In our bedroom, drawers are a must. I also like to store stuff in bins under the bed.
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  2. Gorgeous rooms. This makes me want to redecorate.

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  3. You always chose such beautiful photos! I love all the white!

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  6. Nice to meet Littlewoods! I love the black and white room with purple accents! Have a great day, Sam!


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