Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The View Through My Lens 8 & The Ultimate Summer Playlist

Happy Post-Memorial Day!  If you're like me then that means you're sufficiently bronzed and can now say you've read all the Chelsea Handler books.  ;)  Here's a few shots from my weekend:

My friend Kristie and I enjoyed frozen screwdrivers on the porch of one of our favorite Houston pubs, I loved burning my new candle that was a gift, and I enjoyed a latte Saturday morning with my family at brunch.  I spent Sunday morning looking through my new coffee table book that came from One King's Lane.  Is anyone else as obsessed as me with this site?!  It's genius!  They do all the work by finding great pieces or having collections curated and then send them to you every day.  I promise they aren't paying me to say this, although they probably should since I've gotten many people addicted to the site. ;)

In other news, I have officially curated the perfect summer playlist (for my tastes, at least)!  I do not discriminate against any form of music, so my list is extremely eclectic....
1.) Bad Fish - Sublime
2.) Six Underground - Sneaker Pimps
3.) Promises, Promises - Incubus
4.) Change - The Lightening Seeds
5.) My Favorite Mistake - Sheryl Crow
6.) Summer Girl - Leighton Meister
7.) Dancing on My Own - Robyn
8.) Santeria - Sublime
9.) Sweet Child O' Mine - ACDC
10.) Let The Drummer Kick - Citizen Cope
11.) Oklahoma Girl - Eli Young Band (What can I say?  I had to include this one- I'm an Oklahoma girl!)
12.) Talk that Talk - Rihanna
13.) Dance Again - J Lo
14.) Free Bird - Lynard Skynard

{Slim Aarons Poolside Gossip}

A mix of classic rock, hip hop, and a tad bit of country.  It's the perfect mix for when you're laying by the pool.  Which I did a bit too much of today!  

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  1. yay - thanks for posting your instagram handle - just started following :)

  2. Many of my faves in here! Can't believe it's summer -- crazy! Good thing I love it.

  3. Love this playlist! Must add this to my iTunes!

  4. Sam, come over and enter my giveaway, it's a great spa item. And, btw, I love your playlist. xx's

  5. Lovely photos! Have a good week:)

  6. How did you like those books?! I'm thinking of diving into one of them over the weekend :)

  7. Screwdrivers on the porch sound fabulous! And you are looking quite bronzed...so jealous! I layed out twice and I still look a little pale & pink :/. I am going to steal some tracks from your playlist too!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  8. nice pics ;))


  9. I think I'm the only person who is not addicted to OKL. Probably because I don't have money to shop. But I also don't like making purchases under pressure. I can't handle pampered chef parties or the like....

    But I LOOOOOOOOVE Slim Aarons, I would adore that book. And can we discuss how gorgeous you two blonde hotties are???!!!

  10. This is a great mix Sam. And that last photo is so wonderfully vintage!

  11. I'll definitely be downloading some of this music - I love to try different things! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

  12. I love that last pic! So classy and glamorous! Great playlist, too!

  13. It looks like you had a great weekend! Thanks for sharing your playlist - I'm always looking for new good music :)

    xoxo, me

  14. frozen screwdrivers? I'm in! Sounds like an amazing weekend!

  15. Got to check out some of those songs, thanks! ;)

  16. Looks like a yummy latte! I love The Little Dictionary of Fashion! Mine is also under a little candle.

  17. Looks like you had an amazing weekend!!!
    and yaay for summer! It's gonna be a good one :)


  18. Random question -- what program do you use to create your instagram 4 images into one image 4x4? (or whatever you'd call it haha). I am wanting to start a weekly "my week in instagram" feature on my blog, but wasn't sure how to get that picture format. Thanks!


  19. Never mind! I was making it too complicated. I have an app that does it... haha


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