Monday, June 18, 2012

The View Through My Lens: 9

Today I thought I'd share through pictures what I've been up to lately.  Can I just say that I really adore Instagram?  As a visual person, I love to see what people are doing daily.  It's like Twitter through pictures!  I've always been the friend in my bunch who carried the camera everywhere and would never shy away from insisting on taking pictures.  Some of my friends find it annoying, but they always love having those memories.  

We've been busy at the design firm working on several different residential projects.  Since I assist the two principal designers while I'm in school, that means I get to do a lot of running around, grabbing ideas and accessorizing.  It's a pretty fab deal...

I finished up my first round of classes last week, so this past weekend I got to relax a little and spend time celebrating with friends.  I have a Friday after-work ritual with one of my friends where we go to a local mexican restaurant for margaritas and appetizers.  This past Friday, the owner was in and bought me and my friend a drink and a tequila shot (ha!).  We happily obliged.  I also went out on the lake with my friend Jenni and Sam came, too!

Are you on Instagram?  Do you love it as much as me? 
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