Monday, June 18, 2012

Who, What, Wear, Where: Design Manifest

Happy Monday lovelies!  I hope you had a good weekend.

Today I am excited to have Naomi of Design Manifest sharing her perfect day in the 4 W's: Who she'd be with, what she would be doing, where she'd be!  Naomi has serious talent when it comes to interior design and always has a healthy dose of inspiration on her blog.  Without further ado, I'll let her take it away!

WHO:  A dream day would be best spent with my boyfriend.  He's my favorite person to have an adventure with.  Sometimes our best days are the ones where we have no plans and just take off together and make our own fun.
WHAT:  My favorite kind of day is on the water.  I find water to be so soothing!  I don’t care if I’m swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, on the boat… just let me be by water.  Cocktails are necessary too.  My guy’s signature drink is a Painkiller with Pussers Rum, so we would certainly be sipping on those.

WHERE:  One of my most favorite spots in the world is Virgin Gorda in the Virgin Islands.  The caves there are quite a site to be seen.  The beauty of the island is pretty unparalleled.  We like to take day trips there when we are staying in St Thomas.  (I’m lucky enough to have a place to stay in St Thomas!)
WEAR:  Island-wear calls for colorful maxi dresses for cover up and bikini’s underneath.  Maybe one year I’ll finally be tan and toned enough to wear a white bathing suit!

Thanks for having me over, Sam!  Now I’m itching to get back to the islands.


  1. This definitely sounds like a dream vacation! And the dress you chose is amazing!

    I thing that Summer is never going to come to gloomy London!

    Have a lovely day!


  2. Love this girl! And that maxi dress is serious perfection.

  3. nice!!


  4. now that I am distracted with my daydreaming! ahhhh... I am a water girl too! Good thing I live on the coast!

  5. Aw! Loved this! This all seems like a perfect day and I love that bikini!
    I agree, water is my favorite too!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  6. Love this post! Adventures by the water...on an island specifically...with tasty cocktails and a fabulous dress like that sounds incredible!!! XO brynn

  7. You sure you don't want to be with some blog friends too, Nay? Cause your day sounds awesome. Although water kinda scares me. It's pretty but I'm not much of a swimmer.

  8. That colorful maxi...ah relaxing on the water. Sounds perfect.

  9. looks like a great time!!

    i love the maxi dress, i am so into the pink and red combination that i've been seeing so much!

  10. Such a dreamy looking place! I need that maxi dress!

  11. This makes me think about holidays in the sun and wearing lovely summer clothes - it's so wet here in the UK at the moment.

  12. Aw I have another place that I must visit, STAT!!! That looks absolutely insane...that gorgeous blue water!!! Wowzas. And I'm all about the water, really just screams relaxation...or does that say the opposite of what I'm getting at??? (c:

  13. Sounds like the perfect day!! Loved seeing Naomi here :)

  14. Love that maxi!


    Sarah Lee Weaver

  15. can i be the 3rd wheel? and can we go yesterday?


What say you? I'm all ears.

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