Friday, August 3, 2012

A Girly Haven by Sadie+Stella

Hi my Peak of Tres Chic lovers! I am Lindsay from Sadie + Stella and I am so glad to be sharing some pretty with you. I have such mixed emotions today. I am so thrilled to be spending the day with you lovelies but I am also green with envy that my adorable friend Sam is sunning herself and sipping alcoholic beverages on the beach. What a snob. Just kidding. Love you Sam! 

I am totally jonesing for some girly, girl interiors lately. And I have to say, this room fits the bill like woah. 

I mean who doesn't want to recreate this look?!?! I mean much better than being on some stupid beach, right? Let's get the look. 

Believe it or not, this room does have another side. Get that look too. 

Are you all in love with the frills as much as I am. Definitely a "woman grotto." My interpretation of the gag worthy "man cave." I so enjoyed sharing my jealousy of all things vacation-like with you darlings today. Come and visit me at Sadie + Stella! Loves!
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