Monday, August 6, 2012

Pretty Organization: Papers & Files

One of the not so glamorous parts of life is the large amounts of paperwork and bills we must keep track of.  From paycheck stubs, to receipts, to important travel documents, there's a lot that can get lost in an endless mess of papers.  As a self-proclaimed organization freak, I think I would lose my mind if I didn't find an easy (and pretty!) way to keep all my important documents organized.  Here's my solution:

I use a simple file holder and an array of pretty files to organize my documents.  My files are organized by the subjects I must keep track of.  Some are personal to me (i.e. Compassion has all the paperwork for the child I sponsor in Compassion International, Decor Inspiration holds magazine clippings and decor ideas, Art Institute holds all my school paperwork, etc.).  The other files are pretty applicable to us all- bill reference, receipts, car insurance, travel (holds my shot record and passport, as well as any info for upcoming trips), etc.

I make it a habit to look through the files every few months and weed out any paperwork that is no longer necessary and can be thrown away or shredded.  I also like to keep the files that I reference the most in the front of the file holder for easy access.

Note: My file folders in the pictures above are designed by Amy Butler.  She has lovely desk accessories, but unfortunately none of her file folders are currently in stock!

How do you like to keep your paperwork organized? 
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