Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Dream Office

One of the things I continually dream about is having my own home office one day.  Right now, I use a guest bedroom to throw ideas together and pin things to an inspiration board.  
Many of the offices I see and am drawn to are sleek and glamorous.  However, I often forget how much I love shabby chic, rustic, and French-inspired interiors just as much.   So when I spotted this home office featured in Country Living's House of the Year, I was immediately drawn to the rustic aesthetic.

I love that a cozy settee was added in the corner of the office.  The pop of rose pink adds fun color to the neutral space. Can you believe it's from Ballard Designs?! I also love those wire storage bins on the wall.

A dual workstation is created by utilizing both sides of the desk.  The desk height is elevated a bit to keep the designer up and moving, rather than just sitting and stagnating.  I love that idea!

Fabric rolls and other necessities are stored in style and add to the overall decor of the space.  

An entire wall was upholstered to be used as an inspiration board for pinning images, fabric, paint samples and magazine pages.

What do you think?  Do you love the rustic vibe of this office as much as me?

All images via Country Living


  1. DREAM office....yes, I love the rustic vibe!
    Angie {www.swededreamer.blogspot.com}

  2. That is one fabulous office! I love the grey wall color and wood paneling. I love all the storage space too.

  3. magic pics!!


  4. I dream of having a home big enough to have an office!

  5. Love it! That settee is literally the perfect pop of color needed! I am also drawn to the shabby chic, rustic feel but then also love and adore the modern, sleek and clean look. Two VERY different directions, I know!!

  6. I would LOVE to be able to upholster an entire wall to use as an inspiration board! Imagine the possibilities!!

  7. Wow!! I would die for a large office like this! And Ballard Designs always surprises me..they have some great pieces! xoxo

  8. Chic and sophisticated. Love the color!!

  9. You are so right... the more I look at that office the more I love it! There are so many well thought out details. I need some of the wire wall storage bins asap!

  10. I love shabby chic! This is a gorgeous office! How lovely is the tufted pink sofa against the charcoal walls- amazing! xx

  11. i loveeee ballard designs!! i'm craving more than a few things from there right now!


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