Friday, August 10, 2012

The Peak of Très Chic Turns 1!

YAY!!!  It's a very special weekend.  The Peak of Très Chic turns 1 tomorrow! 

I can't believe it's nearly been 365 days since I first clicked "publish" on this intial post.
Looking back through my first few months, I cringe a bit.  Photos are mis-sized, I'm a little too verbose, and I pretty much talked to myself to begin with.  But you know what?  This blog was my haven (actually, it still is!) and was an escape from a time of dissatisfaction in the path my life was taking.  At the time, I was working 8-6 most days with a 45 minute commute both ways.  The worst part?  I hated my job.  I felt like a failure, because I had worked really hard in undergrad so I could get a "good" job that paid well and had good benefits.  That part had been accomplished, but what about the fulfillment part?  I felt completely lost.  If you had told me that in a year I'd be in school for interior design and working at an interior design firm, I would never have believed you.

My blog is so special to me because it has been a way for me to connect with other likeminded individuals who share the same interests.  Bloggers tend to be of the passionate, kind breed (for the most part), and it's been fun to expand my network of friends.  It has also been a way for me to develop my aesthetic over time and discover what truly gets me excited every day.  I decided to compile the lessons I've learned over the past year and share them with you, in case you are new to blogging or are contemplating whether to start a blog yourself...
1.) People respond most to original content.  They like to see the projects you have been working on, pictures of a room that inspires you, etc.- as long as it's in your voice.  Don't just repost what every other blog finds interesting- stick with what resonates with you.  Before you hit "publish", think to yourself- "Would I want to read this?"

2.) Find other blogs that fit within your particular niche.  Comment with meaningful thoughts on their post.  This will help inspire you and will help you get your name out there.  But never use comments as a way to solely promote your blog- it's rude!

3.) In order to post regularly, you have to be passionate about your topic.  There's no way on earth I'd be able to wake up each day and post if I wasn't passionate about interior design, fashion, entertaining and the other topics I explore.

4.)  It's good to find a balance between posting about your personal life and keeping the focus on your business/passions. Do people really want to know what you are doing every single day?  Probably not (unless your Kelly Wearstler).  But having a voice and sharing a bit in to your personal life will help readers connect with you.

5.) Be kind, always!  You never accomplish anything with negativity.

Well... that's all I've got lovelies.  Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me or sent kind words to me over the past year.  I've been so blessed to meet some incredible people!  I can't wait for year 2.... ;)

XOXO, Sam!

{Images via here, here, and here}
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