Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The View Through My Lens: 11

Last week, as some of you may know, I was in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with 2 of my best girlfriends.  We had been talking about doing a girls trip for most of the spring, so when we found a good deal online at an all-inclusive resort, we couldn't turn it down!  Here's a few instagram snaps from the trip:

Here are a few other pictures from the last few weeks.  Sam & I at a white linen party here in Houston, a picture from one of the most incredible weddings I have ever experienced (can you believe those flower arrangements?!), a new clutch, and a few Tri Delta alums & I at the white linen event:

What's been going on in your world?

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  1. What a great weekend :) And oh my gosh, that wedding looks insanely gorgeous! I bet it was a blast too!

  2. very jealous of that girls weekend! cute koozies!

  3. So glad you and the girls had a good time! I saw when you posted that wedding and gosh was it beautiful!

  4. Looks like the most amazing weekend!! The view looks amazing and your new clutch is adorable as well!

  5. ohh How I wish I was in Mexico ;) love your little snapshots. + that wedding looks amazing...wow! xoxo

  6. cute pics!! ; ))www.live-style20.blogspot.com

  7. I hear that Playa del Carmen is gorgeous! Love the new clutch!

  8. stop it right there.....I need to vacation somewhere....or get me one of those gi-mongous margaritas....WOOOW!



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