Tuesday, September 4, 2012

8 Things I Loved & Learned Last Week: 2

Hi loves!  I hope you had a fab Labor Day Weekend!  Here's 8 things I loved & learned last week...

1.) I was so amazed and inspired by Jen Ramos (of MadebyGirl) for sharing her story in a post last week entitled The Truth About Becoming Free.  In the post, Jen explains how she has found freedom from the bad decisions she has made in the past through giving them to God, and how she has moved forward from feeling any shame.   It was so inspiring to hear her talk about glorifying God through her work.  It was also a reminder that we are all human and all make mistakes, but that we don't have to continue grieving them.  There will always be people who judge others and channel jealousy towards their successes,  but Jen proves that choosing to ignore them and moving ahead in what you know you were meant to do is what matters most.

2.)  I loved celebrating my dad's official retirement this past Friday.  I'm so thankful for all of his hard work and sacrifice he made over the years for our family.

3.) I found my fall boots!  These beauties came from Banana Republic.  Is it just me or have they really stepped up their game lately?!  

4.) Loved having our family Great Dane down for the weekend when my parents came to visit.  She honestly has no idea how big she is.  She kept trying to lie down in this chair... it was too cute.

5.) I loved welcoming fall with a gray nail color- Essie Chinchilly is my new fave!

6.) Enjoyed trying a new-to-me Italian restaurant with the bf and my fam.  If you live in Houston, you've got to check out Coppa Ristorante.  Although I'm usually not much of an Italian fan, this restaurant blew me away.  Delicious food!  Here's a pic of Sam & I before heading to dinner:

7.)  I am so ready for jackets and scarves!  I love the flared look of this Valentino Red bow coat.  Very tres chic.


8.) I think this board created by Natalie Merrilyn was made for me.  Completely in love with everything on it- and now it's making me want to go to sleep again...

How was your Labor Day?
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